About Dr. Moftah El-Ghadi

el-ghadiQ & A with Dr. Moftah El-Ghadi


How long have you been practicing?

16 years now. However, my grays might indicate more, but it’s been 16 years, 8 of them as a Prosthodontist.

Are you involved in any form of continuing education? 

Yes! If you are not continually educating, you are continually falling behind. It is my personal philosophy when it comes to education as a whole. As a board certified prosthodontists, I am required to have an incredible amount of continuing education credits to maintain my board certification status. This is good because it forces me to attend all of our meetings and keep up to date on current research in my discipline. However, I truly enjoy it. I’m not only a participant in the crowd but often a speaker as well. I also have extensive experience in running continuing education forums. Presently, I serve as Chairman of the Minute Man committee for the Yankee Dental Congress over the last 4 years. I have a two day speaker forum with over 40 speakers. It is a pleasure and a labor of love. The more you know, the more we can benefit our patient base. It’s really a win win for all.

What most excites you about your work and why did you choose to join the oral healthcare field?

I love my job. I truly do. I’m always amazed at those who are dissatisfied at their chosen career. I always tell them that I cannot wait to go to work because I love the patient interaction and I love transforming patient’s lives through their smiles and excellent oral health. It is so satisfying to speak with patients about their experiences before, during, and especially after treatment. I love to see my patient’s reactions when work has been completed above and beyond their satisfaction at a reasonable pace and ease. Their happiness is my happiness and that’s what motivates me. I’m always searching for perfection, never satisfied and that’s what I feel patients want in their caregiver, someone who is tirelessly working on their behalf. That’s what I offer. 1000% all in!

What do you appreciate most about helping your patients and how does working with so many unique people every day affect your life?

To be honest, I get as much out of shared experience as they do. I’ve learned a lot about love, life, equality, generational perspectives, etc that I may not have ever learned without so much patient exposure over my 16 years of practicing. I have so many different patients from different parts and walks of life that it is always interesting to engage in conversation and learn new perspectives. I’m truly blessed. I appreciate those who have entrusted me with their care. I take that responsibility personally. I’m always available for them day or night to answer questions, treat emergencies, offer advice, etc. I’ve practiced that way my whole life and will always do so. It’s a pleasure for me. The most crucial lesson I’ve learned is that life is precious and it’s short. Take the time to take care of yourself and address your needs. Often patients are taking care of someone else whether that be a sibling, daughter, extended family member, and don’t have the time for themselves. It’s during these times that many problems occur and can create havoc in their lives. Eating, smiling, talking are essential quality of life issues that many of us take for granted, but are so important in our day-to-day lives. Take home message: Take care of yourself too…

Tell us about your team and what makes them so exceptional!

I’m a huge sports fan (like most of us raised in New England). What I’ve taken away during my life here is that to build a successful team you must have a strong leader with vision and structure. I’ve built my team to represent the qualities that are so important to me when delivering high quality oral care to our patients. Our team has been built carefully over years and years to accomplish that goal. Each member is an extension of me and our philosophy. So it’s vital that our team members understand that concept and live by and through it. I believe we have accomplished that. In New Bedford alone, our combined experience at this one particular location is over 110 years. That comes out to an average of just about 12 years per employee. I believe the retention speaks for itself. First and foremost, our team members have to and do believe in the type of dentistry we provide. It’s very comprehensive. We are straightforward and honest with our patients and their needs to attain optimal oral health. We do the very best we can to deliver exceptional care to all our patients. I would encourage all patients to ask our team members what they enjoy most about coming into the office every day. I’m sure the list will be long and vast and the conversation will be lengthy. I feel that a major part of our success is the way we structure our offices. I focus strictly on dentistry. That is my main role. I do not get involved in micro-managing other job descriptions. We have a very gifted and experienced office manager who handles all the day to day management issues and jobs. We have head hygienist, a head assistant, a head front desk person, and each of them has their roles to play and job descriptions to complete. They take this responsibility personally and it shows in their high quality work ethic. There is much more to this and I could spend all day discussing their roles but the bottom line is each is responsible for something that has an impact on how we run our day to day practice. Every single member is an important spoke in our wheel.

What does your profession mean to you?

My profession means everything to me. It’s what I decided to spend my academic life pursuing. I’ve dedicated my professional life to the advanced specialty of Prosthodontics. It’s difficult, frustrating, complicated, but so satisfying. Hopefully I have made a positive impact on my profession, my team members, and especially my patients. Without them, I would be sitting all alone by myself with little to do. I have taken a very different approach to dentistry as some of my colleagues. I am a strong believer in being open and honest with patients regarding their oral health. I do not push, sell, or get involved in what I call “gimmicky dentistry.” I am a purist. I believe in sound academic research to back up and prove my treatment plans or mode of action. I believe in speaking in real terms with patients, not promising anything I cannot truly deliver. I believe in establishing firm relationships with my patients so that they know and feel they can trust and rely on me when needed. I take great pride in my work. I use only the best equipment, laboratories and materials in order to deliver the high standard of care I expect from myself and my team members expect of me. I accept nothing short of perfection which can often become maddening. I take pride in being a faculty member in the post-graduate division of prosthodontics at Tufts. I enjoy serving my profession as chair of committees or president of our local dental society. I enjoy lecturing to different dentists all over the country and the world, sharing what I have learned during my residency at Tufts and in private practice. I enjoy working with my associates and team members who share common goals and values. I especially enjoy seeing the pride we all have at both of our offices: Easton Dental Specialists and Southeastern New England Dental Group.

Native of Holyoke, MA
Currently resides in Lakeville, MA

How long have you lived where you’re at now?
12 years with my wife Anna, son Alex 11, daughters Sophia 8 and Olivia 6

What do you do for fun?
Golf, golf, golf, sometimes I like to play golf, golf with my children, coaching any sport my child plays, watching my girls dance, hanging out with my family as often as I can.

What are you passionate about personally?
I’m passionate about raising my children to be respectful and impactful members of society. I want them to be compassionate, educated, and follow their dreams. I feel that was important to my parents and I have a strong desire to instill the same qualities in my own children.

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