To commit or not to commit, that is the question?

In dentistry, it’s common knowledge that hygiene appointments are the most important appointment that has a direct correlation to a patient’s oral health. There are numerous health benefits to be had from a professional dental cleaning. Whether its early diagnosis of gum disease, early detection of mouth lesions, or early diagnosis of cavities, it’s really an opportunity to change the often acidic environment that exists in our mouths that promote so many of the bad things I just mentioned.


There is a battle going on in your mouth right now! Yep, right now as you read this, there’s a battle between good versus bad bacteria. This battle changes hour by hour, minute by minute. It’s affected by what we introduce during our meals and our snacks. We often control the types of bacteria we have in our mouths. The more “junk” food we introduce, the more bad bacteria we will have. The more PH neutral our food becomes, the more good bacteria we promote. We, of course, have many things at our disposal. There’s brushing, flossing, fluoride, to name a few. All of these are used to fight the good fight. However, the most important by far is the professional cleaning, otherwise known as your hygiene appointment. By changing this balance we give patients the best opportunity to stay decay free and thus “drill” free. However, it’s the most often canceled and/or missed appointment. Why??? Often this appointment is made up to 6 months in advance where our schedules are, of course, free, but as the appointment nears many conflicts arise. So, why cancel? Is it easy to reschedule? Not anymore, because appointment blocks are handled so far in advance there are often very limited spaces offered to patients each week. Most often patients have to wait 6-12 weeks to accommodate their preferred time slots. This is not punishment but the reality we face. The downside of missing this appointment is that if it’s not rescheduled in a timely manner, that 6-12 week window gets pushed out even further as other appointments are made. The cumulative effect is that the acidic environment has been allowed to continue and usually a cavity follows. It’s a constant battle that requires all of our collective efforts. That’s why as your oral health care providers we make every effort to reschedule your appointments as soon as possible because we know the consequences. This is part of our job, but more importantly our mission. We have dedicated our careers to providing our patients with the very best oral healthcare we can offer. But we need your help. It’s time for a commitment to your hygiene program whether it’s 3, 4, or every 6 months. This one appointment can make the difference between a healthy mouth and one that promotes bacteria and ultimately decay. Missed your appointment? Had to cancel because of the endless amounts of snow we’ve had? I understand. However, promise yourself to take the time today and schedule that all important hygiene appointment today. You’ll be glad you did.

Please remember, we are here for you. I’m always available for any questions you may have. Our whole team is, whether it’s a question of insurance, products, emergency tooth pain, etc. Please do not hesitate to call. Even during off hours, our doctors are available to you. Thank you for your time and see you soon.

-Dr. Moftah El Ghadi, DMD, FACP Prosthodontist



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